2015 Chatelaine PROFIT W100 Ranking
Specifications were easy to follow, every interaction was thoroughly thought out. Usability Matters provides a focused, intelligent approach to UX.

— Tracy Nesdoly

Former Sr. Manager Communications & Customer Engagement, Workopolis

Technology Agnostic

We design all types of interfaces for any type of technology platform. We know enough about technology to consistently produce feasible design solutions, but leave the true technology expertise to our tech partners.

Designing Relationships at Service Design Toronto

Exploring the intersection of design and relationships.

Card Sorting Can Help You Prioritize Your Content

By completing a card sort with stakeholders, it can help you (and them!) decide what’s really important.

A Web Accessibility Primer

A guide of common terms to understand accessibility and AODA compliance when designing, coding, and producing content for your next digital project.